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Hà Nội, Việt Nam

Super-length, super-weight Machining


Mục lục bài viết (Ẩn)




Machining Part for Ngoi Phat Hydroelectric Power Station


Machining Part for Dakmi Hydroelectric Power Station


Machine manufacturing part of Irrigational Station


Machine manufacturing part of Bac Nam Ha Irrigational Station


Vertical Lathe SKODA


W250 Machining Machine


Overhaul Cranes

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June 25, 2021 Hanoi-Hameco Mechanical One Member Limited Liability Company was honored to be recognized as one of the top 100 companies using and applying KAIZEN & GREENERGY technology for renewable energy at Hameco factory.

Certification awarded by the president of the largest solar and renewable energy organization in Vietnam-evnre.org

Hameco's casting workshop06/15/20

HAMECO is the Top 1 Iron Casting foundry in Vietnam. We offer comparative prices to customers worldwide. Although casting quotes should vary depending on Product material, geometric complexity and surface finsish requirements, we could provide some approximate price estimation for your reference only to understand about metal casting price in Vietnam.

Mr Phan Phạm Hà là tổng giám đốc công ty từ năm 201503/21/19

Phần này là phần 3 dòng Phần này là phần 3 dòng 

Phần này là phần 3 dòng 

Phần này là phần 3 dòng 

Casting products03/11/19

Green Sand molding line, capacity up to 70 molds per hour

Sales@hameco.com.vn Super-length, super-weight Machining
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