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June 25, 2021 Hanoi-Hameco Mechanical One Member Limited Liability Company was honored to be recognized as one of the top 100 companies using and applying KAIZEN & GREENERGY technology for renewable energy at Hameco factory.

Certification awarded by the president of the largest solar and renewable energy organization in Vietnam-evnre.org





Nowadays, renewable energy, also known as clean energy, is booming and gradually replacing fossil fuels, such as coal and natural gas. Extracting and using fossil fuels is expensive and harmful to the environment. In contrast, solar energy is free and abundantly available – if we could capture all of this energy in just one hour, we could power the entire world for a year!

Although renewable energy is still a new concept, a new topic, it is a promising source of energy in the future. In Vietnam, according to Decision 2068/QD-TTg dated November 25, 2015 approved by TTCP Vietnam's renewable energy development strategy to 2030 with a vision to 2050.

With this certification, Hameco is confident to be one of the first mechanical factories in the North to be invested and pioneer in applying renewable technology - clean energy, using sun light to generate electricity. for electrical equipment and for the production process.

With a roof area of ​​40000m2 on 170000m2 of factory area, plus the scale of phase 1 is 1,604kWp, the maximum capacity of solar power modules in which system 1 is 1,205kWp, system 2 is 399kWp, Hameco will apply a power generation system with solar panels installed right on the roof capable of converting direct sunlight into electricity without producing air pollutants and especially does not produce CO2