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Hameco bandsaw cutting machines supply service provides the needs as fast as possible and  it prevents the disruption of your business.
It has high stability and long lasting, in addition it is providing a unique spare parts and technical service.



• High precision positioning to within +/- 0.2mm/250, weight 320 kg
• Easily turn bevel cutting angles at 90o, 60o và 45o
• The tensioning of blade is driven by hydraulic cylinder, which keeps the blade to be steady, constant during cutting process
• Saw blade is designed to move together with turning table to avoid cutting into jig clamps
• Emergency stop to avert harms or reduce existing hazards to users
• Large-size drive wheel with precise guidance extends band saw life and its accuracy
• Coolant system improves productivity and reducing flying metal chip volume
• A design of solid basement effectively eliminates vibrations in cutting process



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