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Casting Products

Casting products in conformity with international quality standards: casting line with green sand moulding technology – one of the most up-to-date technology globally- can cast 12,000 ton products per year.

Machine Tools & Spare Parts

Manufacturing machine tools and spare parts:

Recently, apart from conventional machine tools e.g., Universal Lathe, Radial Drilling, Shaper, the Company has been investing and cooperating with many famous Germany, Japanese and Czech's brand names to research and develop advanced machine tools in conformity with international exporting standards. 

Precision Machining

Machine manufacturing mechanical product and equipment of high precision level 

Precision Machining Workshop has capacity of precisely machining units for export by modern equipment e.g., 3D CMM, Die sinking EDM....

Super-length, super-weight Machining

Machine manufacturing mechanical products of super-length, super-weight, spare parts, and whole equipment:

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